DIY Fire Pit – How to Build it?

Although there are several ready-made fire pits available in various designs, nothing beats the uniqueness of a DIY fire pit! Don’t be under the misconception that the construction of a fire pit requires complex blueprints and expensive materials – a DIY fire pit is cheap and can be built with just a bit of time and effort.

A DIY backyard fire pit involves the following steps:

  • Scout a suitable location for the pit – it should be away from any structures located on the premises, as they can easily catch fire.
  • Verify with the local authorities if there are any norms and regulations about building fire pits in the area you reside.
  • Start digging a hole – the depth should be sufficient in order to sustain a fire properly, but the diameter shouldn’t exceed 3 feet. Top it up with pea gravel and sand.
  • Don’t forget to line up bricks or stones around the hole as they will prevent the flames from getting too close to people sitting around the fire. They also form a solid windbreak when required.
  • When not in use, keep the pit covered with a wooden cutout so that children or pets don’t run into it by accident.

You can get creative with the design if you wish, by constructing a stucco pit above the ground level. There are several DIY fire pit ideas online – you can look them up and select a theme that goes well with existing features of your home such as the outdoor décor or patio furniture. A fire pit is definitely something every home should have these days!

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