Fire Pit Rocks Turn Ordinary Fire Pit Into Sparkling Showpiece

Fire pit rocks are amazingly shining rocks substituting ceramic logs or lava rocks. They are used for enriching gas fire pits appearance making fire look luxurious and extremely enchanting. So with these little sparkling things your fire pit is going to be turned out into real shining showpiece! What is important to be attentive to is the right color choice. The colors as well as the sizes and shapes of these stones must coincide with the entire design of you fire pit. When rocks of a fire pit appear in them they start looking just like jewels or diamonds on fire! They are really flickering while the flames of the fire are dancing upon these shining crystals! The greatest feature of these rocks besides the amazing beauty is their fire resistance. They never melt or lose their color and shine. Besides the sizes and color patterns you must also choose the reflective nature of the fire pit rocks. They can be either reflective or non. The first type has a mirror on one side of each stone that creates a dazzling effect both when fire lit and non. Meanwhile the second type looks tranquil and rather absorbs light than reflects it. Today various online specialized stores offer fantastic fire pit rocks to anyone's choice. One of the most outstanding ones is the Fire Pit Glass Rocks presenting a huge collection of over 75 glass rock color choices. Each model is amazing and is able to turn your fire pit into a radiant show of fire dancing on sparkling stones. Here you can find glass rocks of the following colors with plenty of shades for each:
  • White
  • Blue/Green
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Black/Grey
  • Accent

Gallery of Fire Pit Rocks Turn Ordinary Fire Pit Into Sparkling Showpiece