Firewood Storage Rack For Keeping Your Burning Wood Pieces In Neat And Stylish Way

If you have a wood burning fireplace or fire pit, you will certainly need a firewood storage rack. The latter comes in different sizes to accommodate as many wood logs as you need. Besides, quite many of them have stylish look when wood is placed inside. Many people decide on constructing a firewood rack with their own hands. Yet there are also unique stores that offer ready-made racks at quite affordable costs.

Storage Rack For Outdoor Usage

The Woodland Direct is a marvelous store that presents nearly everything referring to an indoor or outdoor heating including storage racks for firewood as well. If you need one for an outdoor usage the 12ft Woodheaven Firewood Rack in green will be a splendid choice! The rack is made of high quality sixteen gauge steel to serve for a lifetime! This amazing model keeps all the wood pieces safe and dry. Despite the rain, your wood logs will always be dry and ready to be used. Besides, the special construction of this $268 costing storage rack allows air to flow trough the wood pieces stored inside.

Storage Rack For Indoor Usage

If you need a firewood storage rack for an indoor usage, be sure you will find a suitable model in the Woodland Direct Store. For instance there is a lovely Sling Indoor Firewood Rack with Tools offered at $300. This amazing model stores your burning wood pieces vertically in such a small area as a square foot. The metal construction of this model allows your utility tools to be kept near the fireplace for sweeping the dust or ashes around.

Gallery of Firewood Storage Rack For Keeping Your Burning Wood Pieces In Neat And Stylish Way