Firewood Storage Shed For Keeping Firewood Logs Dry And Easy Accessible

Having a firewood storage shed in your garden or backyard, you will no longer worry about your home getting dirty because of the sawdust or wood pieces. Besides these firewood sheds protect one's wood logs from getting damp because of the rains. A storage shed may have no walls, but the presence of a roof is a must. Otherwise your firewood logs will be soaked through and not appropriate for burning. Moreover, as a rule, these sheds are built a bit higher than the ground to let air circulate and dry the wood thus making it even more easily flammable.

So, to have a wonderful shed to store your firewood you don't need to spend much - you can build it on your own! Such an easy project as a simple large firewood open shed can be built in a coupe of hours. This type of open firewood shed keeps your wood logs not only dry but also within easy access. Yet there is a disadvantage within this project - it is not suitable for areas with lots of snow.

Anyway, if you are a master DIY, you can construct a large and very sturdy firewood storage shed that will last for a lifetime irrespective of the weather. The project implies constructing a two-compartment shed where you can keep two cords of firewood which, be sure, will be totally enough to heat your entire house during long winter months. And if you would like to add some beautiful touch to the project, you can try constructing a beautiful roof. This way the construction will not only serve as perfect firewood storage space but also add to the inviting look of your outdoor environment.

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