Gas Patio Fire Pit Models By Reputable Brands Of The Industry

When purchasing a fire pit it is essential to mind the fuel type it burns and a gas patio fire pit is perhaps the most widely chosen one. Gas fire pits save much money as compared with wood burning or electric fire pits. Placing one in a patio, it will be instantly transformed from a simple entertaining zone to an amazing outdoor living space. Nowadays, you can find wonderful models available in different materials, sizes, shapes, as well as styles and designs. Look at the models provided by the following popular brand names of the industry:

  • The Outdoor GreatRoom Company
  • The Outdoor Plus
  • Home Loft Concepts
  • Firetainment
  • AZ Patio Heaters
  • Bond Manufacturing
  • Napoleon

The Phat Tommy Yosemite Propane Fire Pit offered by Buyers Choice is one of the best-selling models in today's market. Priced $575, this wonderful model features a stainless steel burner as well as a heat-resistant steel fire pan. It burns propane gas and produces 30, 000 BTUs. The propane gas tank (20-pound tank) is situated under the pit and has an easy access through the door panel. This gas burning fire pit is a grandiose variant for any patio regardless its interior style.

Another gorgeous gas patio fire pit is manufactured by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company. This is the Montego Crystal Fire Pit Table with a wicker base. You can purchase it at about $1, 709. Available in either black or balsam finishes, the model features a tempered glass top. It implies a standard use of propane gas yet can as well be converted to natural gas.

Gallery of Gas Patio Fire Pit Models By Reputable Brands Of The Industry