Lava Rocks For Fire Pit Create Unique Rustic Feel

Lava rocks for fire pit along with stones and glass rocks form the main three types of fire pit topping. Each of them looks wonderful in its own way having a series of as advantages so disadvantages. Lava rocks are perhaps the primary topping type that is used most common. The reason possibly lies in the low price of it along with suiting to any style and type of a fire pit. Lava rocks are highly resistant towards fire and heat yet they have a great disadvantage of not holding heat.

Anyway, as compared with stones that must be placed strategically not to interfere with the gas flow, lava rocks intended for fire pits serve as perfect dispersion mediums. This means that due to their small size and uniform nature air channels are created through which gas can flow easily thus distributing fire evenly and in a most beautiful manner just as fire glass rocks do. This advantage is highly important, hence take it into consideration when choosing fire pit toppers.

However, another important fact to consider before making the final choice concerning fire pit toppers is the aesthetic beauty. Lava rocks for fire pit look very craggy and somewhat charred. The reason is the nature of lava rock origin. These stones look like coal and create a respective atmosphere. Anyway, these rocks are available in different sizes, cuts and color shades. Most common color for lava rocks is the grey with its different shades, yet burnt orange lava rocks are also widely used nowadays. They add a unique charm to a rustic style fire pit.

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