Outdoor Fire Pit – Types Frequently Used at Homes


An outdoor fire pit some years back meant a hole dug outside with logs, branches, twigs, and leaves thrown in as fuel. However, they are now available as extensions of home decor on the outside of a home, with functional purposes at the same time.

There are several types of such pits:

Tile & Stone

You can buy these fire pits in numerous sizes as per your convenience starting from big landscape ones to smaller ones that can be customized to fit into available spaces. Ideally, the size of an outdoor fire pit should be 3 feet at the maximum. Brick and granite are two of the commonly used construction materials used to guarantee durability and shelf-life.

Metal or Steel

These types generally come in a couple of versions – a steel ring or a bowl made of metal/steel. The bowl shaped structure with 4 legs is quite popular these days as they are easy to set up on the grass or dirt. These pits should never be used on wood decks or potentially flammable areas since the metal gets hot while it is being used.

Go online to check out the different varieties of an outdoor fire pit – you will find one as per your choice in no time!

Gallery of Outdoor Fire Pit – Types Frequently Used at Homes