Paver Fire Pit To Bring Beautiful Rustic Statement To Your Backyard

Paver fire pit is a stone model that provides quite many advantages as compared with others made of metals or ceramic. One of these advantages is that stone pits retain heat much longer after the fire is down. These pits radiate heat in further distances thus providing warm atmosphere even far from the yard part where you have installed the pit. Another not less important advantage is the affordability of stones. You can have an amazing rustic look for your outdoor space provided by a gorgeous yet cost-effective stone fire pit!

Amazing DIY Fire Pit

However, if you wish to have a wonderful fire pit in paver stone try making one with your own hands. A DIY fire pit will perfectly transfer your passion towards such an amazing significant decor item for your outdoor environment as a fire pit that you have. And if it may seem an easy process from the first sight, fire pit building needs certain skills, effort and time. For starting your work make sure you have enough of Nicolock Pavers. Keep in mind that a medium size circle needs fifteen stones.

Anyway, passing to the main job of building a paver fire pit make it sure you have placed the first layer evenly and only afterwards pass on adding the next three levels by using a special construction that is adhesive glue. The next step will be covering the ground with a weed black colored barrier while spraying weed killer beforehand. You can have a magnificent area for simply sitting and resting by placing a couple of outdoor rattan armchairs near the fire pit. To make it even a more attractive environment, you can decorate with big flower pots in a safe distance for the flowers not to get burnt.

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