Propane Fire Pit Glass Rocks By Moderustic Make Fire Pits Incredibly Beautiful

Propane fire pit glass rocks are marvelous glass crystals to replace ordinary unattractive lava rocks. They bring unique sparkle and beauty to a fire pit burning on propane gas. Once you have built a fire pit that works on propane gas, you can beautify it with gorgeous fire pit glass rocks that are available in a huge diversity of colors. The sizes of these rocks differ too. Depending on the combination of color and cut these glass rocks can look like real diamonds or gemstones, which yet do never melt or burn. Neither do they fade or change their color.

If you wish to transfigure your simple looking fire pit into something truly unique and worth sitting near and admiring, then nothing can help better than glass rocks. The Moderustic is a remarkable online specialized stores that offers everything concerning creating fantastic propane fire pits. Here you can also find unique glass rocks for propane fire pits. Once you visit this store you can't but admire the diversity of these little shining things!

The propane fire pit glass rocks offered by the Moderustic are available in the following collections with respective colors:

  • Bronze Fire Glass (Brown)
  • Azurlite Fire Glass (Turquoise)
  • Clear Fire Glass (Pale Blue/Green)
  • Blue/Green Fire Glass
  • Solex Fire Glass (Green)
  • Frosted/Starfire Fire Glass (Pure White)
  • Grey Fire Glass

There are also several other collections of amazing glass rocks. They are:

  • Black Fire Glass
  • Pyrite Fire Glass (Sterling Silver)
  • Gold Fire Glass
  • Colored Mix Fire Glass

Gallery of Propane Fire Pit Glass Rocks By Moderustic Make Fire Pits Incredibly Beautiful