Fire Pit Designs – Create a Cozier Ambience at Home

 Whenever we think of fire pit designs, a distinct image pops into our minds about a big roaring fire made with logs piled haphazardly on top of each other or a slightly raised fire pit ring, and of us sitting around it and spending quality time with loved ones.

 How to choose?

 There are several kinds of pits available these days that can be categorized into different designs and shapes. When the concept of fire pits for homes hit the market, the standard shape was circular, but now you can purchase them in conical, square, and rectangular structures. You also have quite a few choices when it comes to materials they are made of, such as granite, brick, ceramic, cast iron etc.

 Portable or permanent?

 Usually people tend to avoid constructing a fire pit on their own – purchasing it from a store is hassle-free and saves a lot of time as well. Store bought ones are also portable and require little time for installation. But you can experiment with interesting and fun fire pit landscaping ideas and designs if you choose to build a pit on your own. Just imagine – a permanent fire pit that can provide comforting warmth on a cold night, as well as be a place where you can host a barbeque party or grill some yummy seafood! The construction isn’t too tough as there are numerous helpful DIY videos online. There are many useful fire pit ideas on Pinterest too.

 Rest assured – fire pit ideas are cheap and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Just read up a bit on what kind of fuel is suitable for the pit and check with local authorities regarding restrictions about building pits in your area.

Gallery of Fire Pit Designs – Create a Cozier Ambience at Home