Fire Pit Kit – Why is a Gas Powered Unit a Better Choice?


Buying a fire pit kit takes just a few minutes thanks to the numerous online stores we can access from the privacy of our home. But before you go ahead and purchase a fire pit kit at Lowes or Home Depot, you need to decide on the type of fuel that will be suitable and a safer alternative.

Wood and gas are the two common choices for fuels when it comes to a fire burner kit, but the latter is the better option. We have compiled a list that will help to make your choice easier – take a look:


 It is much easier to control the flame of a gas burning unit. All it takes is the flick of a switch to turn the unit on or off – the fire is extinguished wholly once the switch is off, thereby eliminating the possibility of stray sparks or embers. Nowadays some units contain a shield that provides additional protection to people sitting around it and doesn’t allow the wind to play havoc with the intensity of flames.


Gas fires don’t produce smoke, so you can light it up in most locations, even in places with smoke-related restrictions. Gathering wood takes a lot of time and effort and you need to thoroughly clean the ashes inside the pit after the fire is extinguished. There is no such hassle in the case of a gas powered pit.

Effect on Environment

 Smoke from wood fires act as a pollutant and more trees need to be chopped off to provide fuel. However, natural gas and propane ensures clean burning without harming the environment in any way.

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