Fireplace Andirons As Luxury And Significant Fireplace Accessories

Made of ceramic or metals fireplace andirons are used to hold the firewood allowing some air pass around. This is necessary for the fire to flame. This technique has been used for many centuries and is still actual today. Normally andirons are used in pairs. Together two pieces create a so-called "firedog". The latter holds the natural fire logs up enough for providing an effective air circulation. Anyway, nowadays these fireplace elements are widely popular also for their intricate antique designs.

With quite many grandiose specialized stores available nowadays a customer can always find particularly those andirons for your fireplace that are going to beautify it and bring a special charm. The 1STDIBS is among those rare stores that offers its customers a wide diversity of marvelous andirons in antique style made of durable and sturdy metals. Yet, before turning to this marvelous store, bare in mind that all the exclusive products presented here are sold at not so inexpensive costs. Be prepared to part with a good sum of money!

Among the most luxurious fireplace andirons in antique style is the pair of Dutch Brass Andirons Renaissance offered at $4,000 by Willem Schermerhorn. The model dates back to the seventeenth century. Enriching your fireplace with this pair of antique gorgeous andirons be sure your entire living room is going to get a fascinating appeal. Even though the model is priced quite expensive, it is worth every dollar spent. Be sure these precious andirons are going to become a valuable piece of heritage for your future generations.

Gallery of Fireplace Andirons As Luxury And Significant Fireplace Accessories