Fireplace Flue Damper Ensures Safety Of Your Home When Fireplace Burning

A fireplace flue damper is a ceramic or metal piece (to endure the high temperature of burning fire), which is responsible for letting the smoke escape and air to enter while a fireplace is burning. You may have heard that someone's home filled with smoke the moment the roaring fire started or may have practiced it on your own. This is an alarm that the flue damper has been adjusted improperly hence the smoke can't leave. This piece called a damper is possible to open and close through several diverse mechanisms such as a pull chain, a handle or a latch.

Importance Of Damper

A flue damper for a fireplace is a highly important piece for several reasons. First of all you can close it not to let cold air enter your house through the open flue. This will create a great energy efficiency. When you are using your fireplace the damper is necessary to be opened to prevent the smoke from filling into the house. And this was the second important aspect. The next essential feature of a damper lets you control the intensity of the fire. When you limit the oxygen entering through the flue, you can get particularly the flame strength you want.

So, after finding out how important a fireplace flue damper is let us discover particularly where it must be placed. Perhaps the best location for a damper is at the top of the flue. This way the smoke will leave the house sooner as the closer the flue is to room temperature the sooner it will conduct with smoke. Anyway, no matter where you placed the damper, it can always be adjusted to let you control the flame intensity.

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