Fireplace Mantels And Surrounds For Adding A Chic Look To Your Fireplace

Many people mix fireplace mantels and surrounds relating them to the same item. Yet, there is a certain difference between these two fireplace accessories. Each has a certain purpose that makes it a unique and irreplaceable piece. Mantels are shelf-like fireplace accessories mainly intended for decorative usage. You can place your photo frames or statues above these shelved even more beautifying your fireplace. Surrounds for a fireplace, on the contrary include three pieces that surround the heart. They are mostly made of marble or wood while the finish is chosen depending on the fireplace model.

So if you want to transfer your boring living environment into an ornate and appealing one be sure either fireplace mantel or a surround can make wonders! Both accessories are available in quite many styles, designs, sizes and materials. The most widely used materials, however, are the following ones:

  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Plaster
  • Concrete
  • Wood

Prices set on these fireplace accessories are also diverse including suitable items as for those with tight budgets so for those with full wallets.

Nevertheless, looking for quality and beautiful fireplace mantels and surrounds you are sure to come across amazing models. For instance the Uttermost Lusila Mantel priced at approximately $713 is a gorgeous choice for classic, antique, elegant and rustic home interiors. With its grey weathered look your fireplace will acquire a mysterious worn expression. Approximately the same effect on a fireplace can be reached with the Uttermost Arvel Weathered Fireplace Surround in white coloring.

Gallery of Fireplace Mantels And Surrounds For Adding A Chic Look To Your Fireplace