Flueless Gas Fireplace: Efficient Alternative To Regular Gas Fireplaces

A flueless gas fireplace is a 100% efficient fireplace that does not need a chimney or any other flue system. These models come as inset fires and wall fires. They are intended to be placed on a conventional place where you would like a fireplace to be. Both installing and using these fireplaces are much less expensive than ordinary ones. Besides they are greatly efficient as the entire heat they produce goes directly to the room unlike regular gas fireplaces, which require first to warm the chimney and only then the room.

After we have got acquainted with what a gas fireplace that is flueless is, let's discover a couple of most impressive models. One of them is surely the Ekofires 5010 Ultra Efficient Flueless Gas Fire priced approximately $550. This is a modern wall hung model that ensures the warmth of your house without a chimney required for its installation and operating. This unique model is sure to become the focal point in any space it is installed in. You can find this fireplace in the following several enchanting color options:

  • Yellow
  • Ivory
  • Red
  • Metallic Black/Green/Silver/Blue

Another gorgeous flueless gas fireplace intended for houses with no chimneys is the Burley Environ Flueless Gas Fire costing about $675. The model can be found in either black or brass finish both of which look simply amazing! This gorgeous fireplace has both manual and remote control. Which to choose depends on your convenience and budget as the remote controlled fireplace costs $125 more expensive than the manual one. With its coal fuel effect and 100% efficiency this model guarantees to fascinate you!

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